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I am now working as a Pre-tenure Associate Professor at Fudan University with the Research Institute of Intelligent Complex Systems. My current research interests consist of mobile systems and user behavior modeling in online social networks. I am serving as the PI of National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 62102094).

I received  my PhD degree in Computer Science and graduated from Fudan University with honor in Sep. 2020, co-advised by  Prof. Yang Chen and Prof. Xin Wang. In addition, I have been co-supervised by Prof. Xiaoming Fu at Computer Network Group of the University of Goettingen and have collaborations with Prof. Pan Hui at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and University of Helsinki.

Before joining the Researh Institute of Intelligent Complex Systems, I worked as a Postdoc Researcher at School of Computer Science, Fudan University (Shanghai Super Postdoc Fellowship), and served as the PI of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (No. 2021M690667, No. 2022T150130).

(emial gongqingyuan@fudan dot edu dot cn)


Detecting Malicious Accounts in Online Developer Communities Using Deep Learning.
Qingyuan Gong, Yushan Liu, Jiayun Zhang, Yang Chen*, Qi Li, Yu Xiao, Xin Wang, Pan Hui.
To appear: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE).

DeepPick: A Deep Learning Approach to Unveil Outstanding Users Ranking with Public Attainable Features.
Wanda Li, Zhiwei Xu, Yi Sun, Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Aaron Yi Ding, Xin Wang, Pan Hui.
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 2023, 35(1):291-306.

Trimming Mobile Applications for Bandwidth-Challenged Networks in Developing Regions.
Qinge Xie, Qingyuan Gong, Xinlei He, Yang Chen, Xin Wang, Haitao Zheng, Ben Y. Zhao.
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), 2023, 22(1):556-573.

CloudyFL: A Cloudlet-Based Federated Learning Framework for Sensing User Behavior Using Wearable Devices.
Qingyuan Gong, Hui Ruan, Yang Chen*, Xiang Su.
Proc. of the 6th International Workshop on Embedded and Mobile Deep Learning (EMDL’22), co-located with ACM MobiSys 2022, Portland, OR, USA, Jul. 2022.

DatingSec: Detecting Malicious Accounts in Dating Apps Using a Content-Based Attention Network.
Xinlei He, Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Yang Zhang, Xin Wang, Xiaoming Fu.
IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC), 18(5):2193-2208, 2021

Structural Hole Theory in Social Network Analysis: A Review.
Zihang Lin#, Yuwei Zhang#, Qingyuan Gong*, Yang Chen*, Atte Oksanen, Aaron Yi Ding.
IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems (TCSS), 9(3): 724-739 (2022).

Understanding the Working Time of Developers in IT Companies in China and the United States.
Jiayun Zhang, Yang Chen, Qingyuan Gong, Aaron Yi Ding, Yu Xiao, Xin Wang, Pan Hui.
IEEE Software, 2021, 38(2):96-106.

Cross-Site Prediction on Social Influence for Cold-Start Users in Online Social Networks.
Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Xinlei He, Yu Xiao, Pan Hui, Xin Wang, Xiaoming Fu.
ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB), 2021, 15(2):6:1-6:23.

Detecting Malicious Accounts in Online Developer Communities Using Deep Learning.
Qingyuan Gong, Jiayun Zhang, Yang Chen, Qi Li, Yu Xiao, Xin Wang, Pan Hui.
Proc. of the 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM’19), Beijing, China, Nov. 2019. (Acceptance ratio: 200/1030=19.41%)

Identifying Structural Hole Spanners in Online Social Networks Using Machine Learning
Qingyuan Gong, Jiayun Zhang, Xin Wang, Yang Chen.
Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM (SIGCOMM’19), Poster Session, Beijing, China, Aug. 2019.

Understanding Cross-site Linking in Online Social Networks.
Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Jiyao Hu, Qiang Cao, Pan Hui, Xin Wang.
ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB), 2018, 12(4):25:1-25:29.

DeepScan: Exploiting Deep Learning for Malicious Account Detection in Location-Based Social Networks.
Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Xinlei He, Zhou Zhuang, Tianyi Wang, Hong Huang, Xin Wang, Xiaoming Fu.
IEEE Communications Magazine, 2018, 56(11):21-27. (IF: 10.356)

Exploring the Power of Social Hub Services.
Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Xiaolong Yu, Chao Xu, Zhichun Guo, Yu Xiao, Fehmi Ben Abdesslem, Xin Wang, Pan Hui.
World Wide Web Journal (WWWJ), 2019, 22(6):2825-2852.

Identification of Influential Users in Emerging Online Social Networks Using Cross-Site Linking.
Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Xinlei He, Fei Li, Yu Xiao, Pan Hui, Xin Wang, Xiaoming Fu.
Proc. of the 13th CCF Chinese Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ChineseCSCW’18), Guilin, China, Aug. 2018. (Acceptance ratio: 38/150=25.33%)

LBSLab: A User Data Collection System in Mobile Environments.
Qingyuan Gong, Xinlei He, Qinge Xie, Shihan Lin, Guozhen She, Ruiyu Fang, Rui Han, Yang Chen, Yu Xiao, Xiaoming Fu, Xin Wang.
Proc. of the International Workshop on Mobile Human Contributions: Opportunities and Challenges (MHC’18), co-located with the 2018 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp’18), Singapore, Oct. 2018.

Understanding the Behavioral Differences Between American and German Users: A Data-Driven Study.
Chenxi Yang, Yang Chen, Qingyuan Gong, Xinlei He, Yu Xiao, Yuhuan Huang, Xiaoming Fu.
Big Data Mining and Analytics, 2018, 1(4):284-296.

This Place is Swarming: Using a Mobile Social App to Study Human Traffic in Cities
Hao Zhao, Qingyuan Gong, Yang Chen, Jingrong Chen, Yong Li, Xiaoming Fu.
Proc. of 5th International Workshop on Crowd Assisted Sensing, Pervasive Systems and Communications (CASPer’18), co-located with the 16th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom’18), Athens, Greece, Mar. 2018.

Optimal Node Selection for Data Regeneration in Heterogeneous Distributed Storage Systems.
Qingyuan Gong, Jiaqi Wang, Dongsheng Wei, Jin Wang, Xin Wang.
IEEE International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP), 2015.

Decluster: A Complex Network Model-Based Data Center Network Topology.
Xu Zhang, Hai Wang, Qingyuan Gong, Xin Wang.
The Journal of Supercomputing, 2014, 70(3): 1365-1382.


Technical Program Committee (TPC) member of IJCAI 2022, IJCAI 2021, IEEE ICCCN 2018
Web Chair of IEEE INFOCOM HotPOST Workshop 2018


QingyunGo Mobile Application: A WeChat Mini Program


Excellent Graduate of Shanghai, 2020.9
Student Research Contest travel grant of ACM SIGCOMM, 2019.8
Student travel grant of ACM UbiComp, 2018.10
Student travel grant of ACM CoNEXT, 2017.11
Student travel grant of ACM SIGCOMM, 2017.8
First Class Scholarship for Graduate Students, Fudan University, 2015-2017
Google Anita Borg Scholarship, 2014

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